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Quu and Cherry Creek Media Sign Multi-Year Partnership

Sep 8, 2021 | Press Release

Cherry Creek Media Radio Stations Will Offer Synced “Visual Quus” to Engage Listeners and Increase Radio Revenue

Washington D.C.
September 8, 2021

Quu Inc., a pioneer in adding dynamic visuals to radio broadcasts, and Cherry Creek Media, a premier small market radio, events and digital marketing company, announces multiple Cherry Creek radio markets will be adding in-dash Visual Quus to its radio broadcasts.

Visual Quus are synced on-screen messages like text, logos, and images on vehicle dashboards related to radio station and client on-air content.

“As we look for ways to increase radio’s value to listeners and clients, Quu stands out. We now have a unique tool to enhance the impact of our advertisers’ commercial messages, programs and promotions,” said Jonathan Brewster, CEO of Cherry Creek Media. “Quu’s dashboard technology delivers these advantages while providing a specific opportunity to increase revenue.”

“One of Quu’s differentiators is our patented web-based software that allows stations to publish synced artist, programming, and sales messages on vehicle dashboards as often as they want,” said Steve Newberry, CEO of Quu. “We are pleased to partner with Cherry Creek Media to boost listener engagement and sales as Visual Quus are an easy upsell to radio’s core product in markets of all sizes.” For additional information, please visit myquu.net or cherrycreekmedia.com.

About Quu

Quu’s patented technology empowers radio stations to schedule and publish dynamic programming and sales messages on car dashboards. Local radio stations use Visual Quus like text, logos, and images to engage listeners and generate immediate incremental revenue. With over six billion Visual Quus delivered in 2020, Quu makes radio look as good as it sounds.

About Cherry Creek Media

Cherry Creek Media’s 43 radio stations serve their local markets in the Rocky Mountain Region, Upper Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. Each year CCM promotes incredible events that allow attendees to connect directly with businesses. Cherry Creek Media websites and digital teams provide cutting edge, targeted, turn-key digital programs for our advertising partners. Above all, CCM is focused on serving the needs of their markets’ listeners, advertisers and team members.

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