Content Partnership

A breakthrough in radio advertising

Content Partnership

We’re taking radio ads to a new level of engagement with Quu’s innovative Content Partnership.

Opportunity to generate new, long-term revenue

Quu’s groundbreaking new Content Partnership delivers huge reach and listener engagement. For the first time ever, advertiser messages can appear thousands of times on dashboards during station programming. This unique sponsorship has never been available – until now.

The ultimate branding tool for advertisers

Limited number available per station!


minutes of display
time on screen

*On average per month

Join the growing list of companies making money with the Content Partnership

Unmatched, positive listener experience

The Content Partnership appears during talk or, for music stations, in every other song.

How it works

During music or talk programming, station content displays on screen for 90 seconds to ensure a positive listener experience.

Then the advertiser’s visual message appears without interrupting the audio content.

After 30 seconds, the station content display returns.

Premium ad opportunity

Interested in the game-changing Content Partnership?

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