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Make Money Now: Quu for Mother’s Day

Apr 4, 2022 | Make Money Now

Marketing to Moms

“Moms are responsible for most household and childcare duties, meaning that they are the key decision makers when it comes to what their families eat, wear, and watch.

When fighting for moms’ attention, brands need to get it right the first time or they can be easily overlooked.”

– Dana Macke, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Leisure

Tension Points

Moms are stressed, but don’t look for help

  • Massage
  • Salons

Moms love their kids so much, they forget about themselves

  • Day of beauty
  • Spa day
  • Concerts symphony, plays
  • Shopping: department stores, boutiques
  • Catered meals
  • Baked goods
  • Florist
  • Jewelers

Kids can be difficult, but moms don’t see them that way

  • Daycare
  • After school tutoring

Mom want kids to explore, but only if they’re supervised

  • Vacation resorts
  • Museums
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Visual Mother’s Day Quus for Your Station


MMN Mother's Day Example


MMN Mother's Day Example


MMN Mother's Day Example


MMN Mother's Day Example

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