Quu’s 2024 In-Vehicle Visuals Report

About the Report

In its inaugural year, Quu’s annual In-Vehicle Visuals Report offers a snapshot of radio’s place in dashboard displays today. With so much listening happening in cars, we must identify our strengths and weaknesses.

This report intends to provide the broadcast industry with new research. As radio’s status evolves in future years, we will track it. All the data from this report is available at QuuReport.com and we partnered with experts to provide analysis and commentary on radio’s in-dash opportunities and challenges.

Quu Report Stats

Six Key Findings

Report Findings 1
Report Findings 2
Report Findings 3
Report Findings 4
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Report Findings 6
Quu Report Scorecard

2024 Dashboard

A snapshot of how common each
feature is in the dashboard of the top
100 best-selling new vehicles in the U.S.
We will update the scoreboard annually
to track radio’s standing and progress.

Methodology: Collecting and Analyzing the Data

Data for this report was collected by an independent contractor tasked with auditing in-dash systems in America’s 100 top-selling new vehicles. To gauge radio’s in-dash standing, each dashboard was carefully analyzed for audio entertainment features and visual components, including radio text, artist, and song information. Photos were taken, and a detailed, standardized questionnaire was completed. Data was collected from new vehicles onsite at various auto dealerships between November 2023 and January 2024.

Independent broadcast radio researcher Doug Hyde and industry experts Fred Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Joe D’Angelo, and Mike McVay, reviewed the research and offered analysis and perspectives on radio’s in-dashboard potential, challenges, and opportunities for development.

Fred Jacobs photo
“The two knobs, six presets, and CD player era is in the rearview mirror. This pioneering report gives us the unprecedented data we need to see radio’s opportunities and challenges on dashboards.”

— Fred Jacobs
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Our Experts

Fred Jacobs photo

Fred Jacobs

Jacobs Media

Paul Jacobs photo

Paul Jacobs

Jacobs Media

Joe D'Angelo photo

Joe D’Angelo

SVP, Global Broadcast
Radio Xperi Inc.

Mike McVay photo

Mike McVay

President, McVay
Media Consulting

The Data Dashboard

Visit QuuReport.com to search and sort the data for all 100 vehicles surveyed.

View by make/model

See a photo of each dash

Click any row for details

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Quu is working with the radio industry to grow ratings, drive revenue, and keep radio dominant in vehicles by providing industry-standard in-dash display. Contact us to learn what Quu can do for you.

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