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What Are Radio Executives Expecting to See at CES 2023?

Jan 4, 2023 | News

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Radio Ink CES 2023Radio executives from all over the country are in Las Vegas this week for the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. On Thursday the radio industry is hosting a special VIP reception at The Bellagio sponsored by Quu, Beasley Media Group, Benztown, vCreative, Xperi, Skyview Networks, Jacobs Media Strategies, Radio Ink, and Radio + Television Business Report.

We checked in with Quu CEO Steve Newberry to see what he’s expecting from the event this year and how he can take what he learns back home and apply it to his company, and the radio stations he owns.


Radio Ink: Why is it important for broadcasters to go to CES?

Newberry: We have to stay informed about what the consumer’s choices are, and how they prefer to receive media content. CES is a great place to learn trends and find the opportunities within those trends.

Radio Ink:Why is it important for you to go?

Newberry: Quu is focused on enabling broadcasting to add a visual element to our traditional audio-only products. CES is a primary source of the information we need to provide informed leadership and guidance to our client stations.

Radio Ink: How can any new technology presented at CES help the radio industry?

Newberry: “Radio” is not simply AM/FM any longer. Our products are delivered on a wide variety of platforms and devices. By seeing the newest platforms and devices being featured, I believe it helps radio chart a much more informed path ahead.

Radio Ink: What will you be looking forward to the most?

Newberry: Professionally, I’m going to spend a ton of time looking at the auto displays to see where their dashboard displays are headed, and in the consumer electronics/smart home displays to look for devices radio can be both heard AND seen on.

Radio Ink: What are a few surprises for you from previous CES visits?

Newberry: I clearly remember when the show suddenly became a primary show for the automotive industry to display the in-cabin technology. I was astounded when I first saw the displays that go from one side of the vehicle to the other, and radio’s visual opportunity became really apparent to me.

Radio Ink: What advice do you have for broadcasters who do not attend the show?

Newberry: Read, watch and be open to what you see and hear. Lots of industry representatives will be in Las Vegas blogging and posting on social. If you can’t join the event, be sure to watch the coverage with an eye toward the future and what opportunities exist for radio.

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