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Radio’s Auto Innovators Sound Off On AM

May 24, 2023 | Commentary, News

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Between the AM For Every Vehicle Act and Ford’s subsequent reversal on removing AM from the dashboard, radio’s place in the car the talk of the industry. We’ve heard from lawmakers, owners and managers, and leading organizations about AM’s historic week, but what about the industry’s tech leaders? Radio Ink talks with two automotive innovators about recent headlines.

The Auto Industry Is Responding

According to Joe D’Angelo, Xperi’s Senior Vice President, Broadcast Radio & Digital Audio,  “At Xperi, we believe broadcast radio is an integral part of the media landscape and provides an incredibly valuable service to local communities. Free, over-the-air radio is unique in its ability to inform, entertain and connect communities across both the AM and FM bands.

As such, we are strong advocates for broadcast radio in cars and have been working with the industry for over 20 years to implement broadcast’s digital future and more recently its connected future. Radio’s weekly reach cannot be underestimated, and our data shows that a majority of vehicle owners believe it is important to have radio in their dashboard. We are pleased to see that the auto industry is responding to what consumers overwhelmingly want and will continue to serve its customers with all that radio has to offer.”

Let’s Commit To Collaboration

Steve Newberry, CEO of Quu, said, “Ford’s reversal of their AM strategy is a major victory for local broadcasters.  Efforts by the NAB, state associations, and individual broadcasters to affect that decision are greatly appreciated.

The value of local radio – not just AM radio – in the dashboard must not only be touted but continually earned.  Radio’s long tradition of serving local communities with entertainment, news, and emergency information is remarkable, and it is the responsibility of today’s broadcasters to build upon that heritage.

Finally, let’s not see Ford and automakers as our enemies. Their initial decision may have raised our concern and challenged us to demonstrate local radio’s value to their customers, but Ford reversed course and should be applauded for doing so. In return, let’s commit to offering new, collaborative ways local broadcasters and automakers can create even better technologies for listeners while they are enjoying new and exciting automotive experiences.”