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Make Money Now: Quu Recession Busters

Aug 10, 2022 | Make Money Now


Branding campaigns are supercharged by Quu

Quu Recession BustersIt’s looking more likely we’re headed for a recession.

New research recommends advertisers in a down-trending economy use more long-term brand-building media like radio. If you’re a media rep worried about hitting your budgets, it’s worthwhile to start targeting recession-proof businesses. These types of companies are looking for the best way to stand out, brand, and make that extra connection with your audience. Quu text and visuals displayed in the dashboard echo the spot content that is playing. Quu reinforces brand messages and supercharges any radio buy, equipping you for success!

It’s more important than ever that the advertising your clients choose is effective and efficient. Here’s a list of 8 recession-proof businesses with the power to flourish in economic uncertainty.

– Source: Branding – Inside Radio – Analytic Partners August 2022, 63% Boost – Nielsen campaign effect study, Q3 2016

1. Real estate and property management 

When financial markets start to suffer and crash, real estate becomes a safe-haven investment. Plus, people always need a place to live! As the home market ramps up, pitch the Real Estate industry a branding campaign.

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

2. Health services 

Healthcare is one of few recession-proof industries. People need medical care. From dentistry, optometry or urgent care and inpatient services, small health clinics across every area of practice are a smart bet when the economy begins to hurt. 

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

3. Food stores and grocery services 

Food stores and grocery services see consistent business throughout recessions because people cut costs and stay home to eat. This trend is especially true among stores with a good mix of fresh and prepackaged foods. 

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

4. Financial and accounting services 

Nothing gets individuals and businesses to take an active role in their finances quite like economic recession. Between bookkeeping, accounting, financial planning, or any other fiscal expertise, there’s growing demand right now that you can capitalize on with Quu. 

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

5. Education and day care

Recessions tend to see more people working multiple jobs or frequently searching for new employment. As a result, they lean more heavily on day care and education services in both part- and full-time capacities. Childcare is a lucrative industry in any climate, but especially so in times of recession.

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

6. Repair industry and renovations

When times get tough, more people shift into the mindset of “fix” or “repair,” as opposed to buying new. They want to make their items last longer. From iPhones to homes, clothing to furniture, repair-focused businesses see a big uptick in business during a recession. 

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

7. Information Technology (IT) services

IT is a sector that hasn’t always been around during recessionary periods; however, it’s a safe investment. Especially today, during the rise of remote work and digital services, IT services are always in-demand and an ever-present need. 

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

8. Pet retail and care services

People love their pets and would do anything to keep them happy and healthy. This is even more true among Millennials and Gen Z pet owners. Even during a recession, people will pay to pamper their pets: from food and treats to toys, comfort items, and practical accessories. 

Make Money Now - Recession Buster example

Quu equips you for sales success

Contact us to help your clients drive their message home with strong text and image components from Visual Quus.

Quu recession busters

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