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Make Money Now: Quu Cause Marketing

Oct 3, 2022 | Make Money Now

Quu supercharges cause marketing

The power of cause marketing campaigns

Most businesses try to gain the attention of consumers by promoting product benefits. Cause marketing takes a different approach, appealing to people with emotion.

The push to buy is still clear, but an added incentive leaves consumers feeling they’ve done something good.

Using radio ads in cause marketing drives awareness to a message or social movement. Companies can also share opportunities to donate to charities or non-profits by attending special events or purchasing products.

Source: Capitol Media Strategies

90 percent

Quu strengthens cause marketing campaigns

Using Quu with cause marketing campaigns is easy.

An example: The Hanger store teams up with WQUU to collect warm coats throughout the local area. Throughout the month, The Hanger truck travels to select locations. Listeners are encouraged to visit the truck to exchange gently-worn coats and jackets for a store discount and winter-themed drinks like hot cocoa.

Adding Quus to The Hanger’s radio commercials boosts ad recall by echoing event locations and hashtags.

Cause Marketing Sample 0

Cause marketing campaigns for radio

Quu enhances client and station efforts for all types of cause marketing campaigns.

Message-focused campaigns

Drives awareness to a message about or affiliated with a cause. Informs consumers about local organizations associated with the cause and how they can get involved.

Cause-marketing events

Businesses team up with a radio station for an event to raise awareness and money. Activities like telethons, marathons, and auctions can attract a large audience.

Source: Tech Funnel

Visual Quus for message focused campaigns – Restaurant

Cause Marketing Sample 5

Visual Quus for message focused campaigns – Animal Rescue

Cause Marketing Sample 4

Visual Quus for cause marketing events – Bank

Cause Marketing Sample 3

Visual Quus for cause marketing events – Automotive

Cause Marketing Sample 2

Visual Quus for station marketing events – Grocery Store

Add Quus to programming sponsorships — for example, Special Olympics Hero of the Week, 5K for a cause, disaster relief, coat drives, and more.
Cause Marketing Sample 1

Q4 cause marketing ideas

Here are a few thought-starters for fall-winter cause marketing campaigns.

Safe Halloween


Halloween Safety Month
National Dyslexia Month
Eat Better Together Month
Long-Term Planning Month

Military Family


Military Family Month
Thanksgiving Food Drives
National Alzheimers Disease Month

Cause Marketing


Operation Santa Paws
Made in America Month
World AIDS Awareness Month
Wildlife Conservation Day

Cause Marketing 3 dots

Quu equips you for sales success.

Contact us today to help your clients drive their message home with strong text and image components from Visual Quus.

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