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Make Money Now: Lawyers Love Quu

Jan 10, 2023 | Make Money Now

Ads for lawyers are everywhere.

Kantar reports $1.2B was spent on legal service ads on TV through November 2022.

You see ads for lawyers on TV or pass by their billboards on the highway. Now, it is time for radio to get a bigger share of this key revenue category with the power of vehicle dashboard displays from Quu.

There is a reason why lawyers invest in aggressive marketing.

People choose a lawyer based on expertise, recommendation, or cost. Attorneys want to beat their competition and attract clients who need help or are unaware of their rights.

Source: $1.2B from Kantar 11/22; Thomson Reuters Consumer Legal Needs Survey, 2021

A Thomson Reuters survey found:
56 percent graphic
56 percent

Lawyers are a hot category for Visual Quus.

Radio stations offering Quus are upselling and attracting law firms.

Law firms all over the country are adding Quus to radio campaigns. It’s a perfect fit — lawyers want to be visible and top of mind, which makes radio an ideal addition to their marketing mix. Adding Quus gives radio campaigns a dramatic boost. A Nielsen study found a 63% increase in awareness when a radio ad has a visual.
  • Quus dramatically increase recall
  • Messages are timely and personal
  • Helps establish the lawyer’s image

Source: 88% from Scarborough USA+ 2020 Release 1 Total (Jan 2019 – May 2020); 63% from Nielsen campaign effect study, Q3 2016

88 percent

Thought-starters for local radio sellers

Build brand awareness for legal practices and attorneys by offering Sponsorship and AdSync Quus in vehicle dashboards.

Sponsorship Content Partnership
Content Partnership 5

Personal injury attorneys

Radio is important for personal injury attorneys. Adults 18+ who have used an attorney to collect damages in the past two years are 92% more likely to spend more time with radio each day.

Source: The Media Audit, 62 Market Aggregate 2020, Total Adult 18+ sample 65,503
MMN Law example 1
MMN Law example 1

Divorce attorneys

The U.S. market size for family law & divorce attorneys is $11.2B in 2023.
Source: IBISWorld, July 2022
MMN Law example 2
MMN Law example 2

Immigration lawyers

Quu helps you position law advertisers as trusted, local experts on legal issues.

MMN Law example 3
MMN Law example 3

Legal protection plans

Adults with legal business service influence are 62% more likely to spend more time with radio each day than with any other traditional media.

Source: The Media Audit, 62 Market Aggregate 2020, Total Adult 18+ sample 65,503

MMN Law example 4
Sample Holiday Quu
MMN Lawyers footer circles

We’re here whenever you need us.

Contact the Quu team now for help with mockups, proposals, and more insights for attorneys that deliver high visibility and listener engagement

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