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Make Money Now: Boost Revenue with Quu as 2022 Holiday Sales Activity Shifts

Nov 4, 2022 | Make Money Now

The 2022 holiday shopping season is well underway

The holidays are here! Over a quarter of adults are already thinking about and preparing for this year’s festivities, and more than half are already shopping.
Percent Callout
Source: Civic Science 2022 Holiday Preview
Visual Quus Example intro

Shopping habits vary greatly by retail audience

Percent of holiday shoppers who have begun their shopping; Kohl’s leads the pack:
Shopping Comparisons
Source: Civic Science 2022 Holiday Preview

Don’t get lost in the holiday shuffle

As consumers anticipate battling price increases this holiday season, deals and promotions are the most crucial factor when deciding where to shop. Adding Quu to ad campaigns dramatically increases recall of your client’s holiday messages.
Which of the following with be most important to you when deciding where to shop for the holidays this year?
Holiday Shopping Bar Chart
Source: Civic Science 2022 Holiday Preview; 4,351 responses (rebased) weighted by US Adults from 7/22/2022 to 7/24/22 | +2%

Use Visual Quus to make money now from holiday sales.
Here are some thought-starters

Holiday deals

Example 1a
Example 1b

Product availability

Example 2a
Example 2b

Curbside pickup

Example 3a
Example 3b

Holiday festivals

Example 4a
Example 4b
Holiday Quus 2022

Quu equips you for sales success.

Contact us today to help your clients drive their message home with strong text and image components from Visual Quus.

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