Making Radio Look as Good as it Sounds

Add visuals to radio broadcasts

Quu’s software and services empower radio stations to publish visual programming and sales messages on vehicle dashboards as often as you want.

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Content Partnership

We’re taking radio ads to a new level of engagement with Quu’s innovative Content Partnership.

Ad appears on screen 4,000 times a month!*

* on average

Drive ratings and revenue today.

Visual Quus are synced on-screen messages that relate to your station and client on-air content.

You can offer a better user experience and generate immediate incremental revenue by adding text, logos, and images to on-air advertisements.

Who can see Visual Quus?

80% of the cars on the road today can display text on the dash.

Source: Xperi HD radio

Your listener automatically gets the best experience based on their vehicle.

Powerful tools to engage, upsell, and make ads more effective.

Want to make more money and look better on the digital dash? We can help!

Quu is a marketing tool and incremental revenue driver that makes radio more dynamic and profitable. We’re working with the radio industry to keep radio dominant in the digital dash by providing industry-standard in-dash display.

The power is in the text.

63 percent boost in awareness

It’s a win-win-win

Have a competitive user experience

Increase value for advertisers

Boost listener engagement

Simple yet innovative software and services for radio.

Schedule and publish as many Visual Quus as you want, whenever you want, with our user-friendly, web-based software.

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  • ESong title + artist name
  • EAlbum art*
  • EStation logo*


Artist plus:
  • ELocal Promotions
  • EEmergency alerts
  • EStation logo*


Listener plus:
  • EClient name
  • EClient messaging
  • EClient logo*

Service packages

Our packages are flexible to your needs. Start with Quu Artist, grow into Quu Listener, and generate new revenue with Quu Advertiser.

* Where equipped

Unique AdSync patented technology gives you a market edge.

Our dynamic ‘Quu Advertiser’ experience is one of a kind.

You don’t have to run the same static visual or text for one client during the entire spot set. With Quu, you can uniquely communicate about each client to your listeners in-dash, as often as you want.

Easy-to-use and learn

Sales people have enough to worry about. Quu is not a new digital stream or non-traditional revenue product that sellers have to learn – it’s a simple upsell of your station inventory.

  • NEasy for salespeople to understand
  • NNo new departments, teams, or specialists
  • NJust add text or image to a radio buy

Speaking of making life easier…

Scheduling images and text is simple with Quu’s patented technology, which syncs with your traffic and automation systems.

Update content as often as needed

Communicate with your audience via our user-friendly, web-based scheduling tool.

Enjoy seamless station integration

Quu works directly with your automation system to deliver messages.

Get best-in-class support and training

A customer success team is assigned to guide you every step of the way.

How can we help?

Technical success & support



Our partners


1400+ Radio Stations


Over 7 Billion Visual Quus Delivered Annually


Ready to get started?

Adding visual messages to radio ad campaigns increases station and advertiser branding, recall, and retention dramatically.

N   Monetize the vehicle dashboard
N   An easy upsell to radio’s core product
N   Make ads more valuable and effective

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